Example use: removing paint, rust, resin, rubber, varnish, mortar, plaster, concrete, bitumen, uncovering reinforcement structures, preparing surfaces for applying anti-corrosion or fire coatings, cleaning heat exchangers, boilers, tanks, sewage ducts, industrial machinery, ships, paint shops, engineering workshops, works on flat surfaces, rinsing out concrete to a depth of 1 metre without damaging reinforcement, cutting high-resistance alloys: metals, steel, metals, ferro-concrete, ceramics, concrete, tanks, building structures, pipes (up to 40 mm thick) with a 1 mm accuracy – without dust, sparks or strong vibrations.

Our services include:

– delivery of machines

– training for personnel

– servicing/ maintenance within 48 hours

– in case of damage – machine replacement within 72 hours

– our machines are designed to operate for 24 hours

– no hour limit for equipment

– we offer machines designed to operate in explosion exposed areas

– our qualified personnel is at your disposal

Without sparks, dust and in harmony with natural environment